Wealth Management Services

We offer a wide range of financial services designed to manage your risks, reduce your costs, limit taxes and enhance your returns - allowing you to most effectively reach your goals.

Financial Planning

We act as our clients' personal CFO, consulting with them on vitally important areas of their financial lives. Our detailed financial plans are included in our investment management fee because we feel it is the foundation from which one should build an investment portfolio. See LWM's Financial Planning Services


Investment Management

Successful long-term investing is more than "buy and hold". In this very dynamic economic environment, it is very important to have the appropriate strategies that are based on strong fundamentals rather than on past returns or intuition. No one can control the markets or predict the future accurately. However, focusing on factors of investing like fundamental valuations, costs, taxes, risk management, and rebalancing puts our clients ahead of the game. See LWM's Investing Principles