Retirement Plans

Whether a 401k, Profit Sharing Plan or Defined Benefit Plan, retirement plans can provide great benefits to business owner(s) and employees. However, many closely-held businesses have retirement plans that are being administered and managed at a high cost for very little value when it comes to service and investment offerings. LWM understands how important fiduciary responsibility is to the plan trustee and commits to providing a high level of service, expertise and plan design to both the owner(s) and employees.


LWM provides a very competitive offering to the retirement plan market. We bring customized managed portfolios, built with institutional fund managers and other unique investment offerings that most business owners are not used to seeing in their retirement plan.


In addition to our exclusive investment offering, we are usually able to provide significant cost savings in administrative costs, management fees, and investment product expenses.


A personalized service level is a defining characteristic of LWM. In addition to meetings with the plan trustee(s) and staff, LWM also encourages both the owner(s) and employees to contact us anytime with plan questions and advice, as well as personal financial planning questions and concerns.


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