Business Leaders

As businessmen and women that make up the dynamic engine of our economy, you often have to juggle many responsiblities. You have the challenge of being dedicated to your profession while trying to strike a good work/life balance. Time is a very precious commodity and it is nearly impossible to manage work, life at home, and your finances and investments. LWM understands this and has built this company to provide you with value-added services and unique investment strategies, bringing you balance, peace of mind, and confidence as it relates to your financial lives. 


Physicians & Other Medical Professionals

Physicians have very unique financial needs. Whether you have your own private practice or work within a larger institution you are constantly dealing with varying schedules, paperwork, notes, organization issues, changing medical laws, insurance issues, receivables, managing and training other employees, teaching, and various other responsibilities.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a dedicated personal CFO that has a decade of experience working with physicians and understands your unique needs? LWM brings you sophisticated investment strategies and detailed financial planning, focuses on protecting your assets, manages your company retirement plan, works with your office manager, and meets you at a time and place that works for your schedule. We provide you with an active solution-driven approach, that minimizes portfolio costs, and focuses on after-tax returns to most effectively meet your financial goals.