Our Commitment

In this constantly changing global economy, investors are increasingly in need of disciplined and sophisticated investment strategies that help minimize risks and provide the after-tax returns required to meet their goals. LWM strives to do just that. Built on a foundation of independence, objectivity, and transparency, we listen to our clients' desires and questions and provide solution-driven advice.

Who We Are

LWM is a fee-only (no commissions), Registered Investment Advisor that provides institutional investment management and detailed financial planning to individuals, families, trusts, retirement plans and foundations. We have a specialty practice tailored to the issues facing business leaders and physicians. Our Services


Distinguishing Advantages

  • Tax Minimization & Avoidance Techniques
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Minimization of Costs
  • Institutional Investment Strategies
  • Opportunistic Rebalancing
  • Detailed Financial Planning

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